Human Up Partners Team Development Agency

In an ever-changing world, HUP supports managers,
teams and their leaders (executive boards, middle management, HQ and field teams)
by crafting edutaining seminars and pathways for inspiring, efficient change.

Team Development?

Combining the skills and experience of an events agency and a training provider, HUP offers an expertise in creative and efficient support for your teams.

Through inspirational speakers, consultants and coaches as well as control over the whole of the media, coaching and creation chain, HUP organises creative, tangible and fully transformative approaches for you !

Thanks to its extensive track record in the pharmaceutical sector and in change management, you can benefit from tried and tested expertise in the field…
What if your next seminar became a transformative experience ?

You’re planning your next seminar:

  • Are changes in progress ? Is it time for a product launch ?
  • Do you need to boost the efficiency of your teams on such themes as Customer Experience/Omnichannel or developments in the profession ?
  • Is there a need to support your middle management ?
  • Are you looking for a like-minded partner who can support you on all the aspects and challenges shaping this future event ?
    • Who will be able to engage your teams around the project ?
    • Deliver operational creativity that genuinely breaks new ground ?

The ingredients of a successful transformative seminar

Clients who have already placed their trust in us

The team

A specialist team working together on your project,
made up of freelancers recruited for their shared values and talents.
A core group comprising a dozen or so members, rounded off and supported depending on the project.

An organisation underpinned by 4 specialist areas :
Creation | Consulting-Coaching | Video-Media | Production

About the Founders

HUP was founded by 2 people-driven leaders,
experienced in event management consulting,
coaching and communications in the
pharmaceutical sector.


Coach / vocal coach & consultant in managerial communications

She began her career in the key accounts department of a major health communications corporation. She rounded off her professional skills in 2011 with manager coaching training.

Thanks to her affinity to the arts, communications and human values, she naturally designs individual and group support programmes where people are very much restored their rightful place.

Today, she confidently shares her experience and her network of unique, first-rate speakers by supporting multinational managers in change pathways.


Coach / vocal coach & consultant
in managerial communications


Consultant-designer-coach in “Live communication”


in “Live communication”

Thanks to his education (Pharmacy-ESCP), decade-long experience in the pharmaceutical industry (sales-marketing-communications) and passion for communications, Jack has been involved in some of the industry’s flagship events.

Moreover, he has worked extensively with the performing arts professions as an experienced show producer.

By drawing on his unique background and keen interest in business, he can approach different issues from a creative standpoint blending emotion, meaning and understanding of the transformational challenges for the benefit of multinational managers.

Let’s work together

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Human Up Partners
9 rue Emile Allez
75017 Paris

Tel : +33 6 28 59 49 37